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Through the Faceit account finder, players can check their faceit stats within seconds. You just need to put your Steam ID in the provided space and click on the ‘Lookup’ button. The stats will appear on the screen with a detailed description of the account creation date, status, the total number of matches played, achievements, banned friends, and much more.
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Apr 10, 2023
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Faceit Finder APK: Discover your Gaming Stats with Faceit Account Finder

Faceit Finder APK is a tool base app that can be used for Faceit Account Stats. This app is specially designed for game players, where players can find their Faceit account with the help of this app in seconds. To find out Faceit Account, you need a stream ID; put your Stream ID in the search bar and enter the search button.

This Faceit Finder App will provide you with the statistics of the Faceit account with a details description, account creation date, stats, the total number of matches, banned friends, achievements and much more.

With the help of the Faceitfinder app, the player can understand your competitors and where the competitors are ranked and also get all the details about competitors’ accounts.

Players can continuously find a way to improve their abilities and get an advantage over their competitors in the changing science of online gaming. Faceit Finder Will give you a simple way to track the account stats of the players.

When you want to track the Faceit account of the Apponent, make sure that your Stream ID is linked to the Faceit account.

Faceit Finder APK

More About Download Faceit Finder Apk

Faceit is mostly used in Portugal and Brazil. From this region, the players can track the Faceit account of the opponent and get all the information about the opponent’s performance. The process is so simple; you need to download Faceit Finder App, which can be downloaded from our website

Install it on your Android device, then open the app and create a Faceit account to get your opponent’s data. Enter the Stream ID and get all about the opponent’s account data. So, download it from our website and get the opponent data.

Some of the Faceit Finder Apk App Features

Determine the opponent’s genuine skill set.

With the help of the Face Finder apk app, you can understand and determine your opponent’s skills. You can analyze whether the opponent is good at playing or something is cheating. From these features, you can better understand your opponent.

Faceit Finder Apk Potential

The big potential of Faceit Finder is that this app gives an effective way to track the opponent’s performance and progress on the Faceit platform. With a single click, Gamers can access the critical information that will allow them to make informed decisions in their gaming journey.

Get a History of Accounts with Faceit Analyser

You can get over the history of accounts with the help of Faceit Analyser. You can analyze the performance of funds, obtain an improvement area, and Showcase the areas of achievement.

Detailed Match and Map Information

In-depth information about previous matches and map preferences can help hone gameplay strategies.

Ensure proper Account Linkage.

To get a better reason, ensure your Faceit Finder is properly linked with Stream ID. If Stream ID is linked to your Faceit Finder Accounts, you can get the full benefits of the Faceit Finder App. The Stream ID linkage account will give you updated and accurate results.

Opponent Elo Ranking

One of the best features of Faceit Finder App is that you get full insight into your opponent’s true skill level. Using the Elo Ranking, Gamer can understand the opponent’s stats and prepare for next-level challenges.

Perfect Team Selection

One of the best and most important points is the team selection. The Gamer can improve their success in the competitive gaming experience by choosing a perfect team. Faceit Finder app will give you better decisions about your teammates and provide complete information about the strengths and weaknesses of teams.

Find out Cheaters and Exceptional Gamers

You can now detect cheaters and exceptional players with Faceit Finder. Once you have ranked their account, you will have a better chance of organizing it.

Insights into Pre-Made Lobbies

For gamers who prefer pre-made lobbies, Faceit Finder APK provides a comprehensive understanding of their teammates’ capabilities, fostering effective communication and coordination during matches.

Faceit Finder APK

How can I get Faceit Finder Apk App for Android devices?

There is no hard and fast rule to download the Faceit Account Finder Apk app. Follow these few steps to download the Faceit Finder App:

  1. Open the website and Type “Faceit Finder Apk” in the search bar of the ApkPitch website.
  2. This site will automatically open this app below the search bar. You can click the app then this app will open.
  3. After that, you can see a Download button below the featured image of this app; click the download button and download this app.
  4. Before installation, you must enable the Unknown Sources from the device security setting.
  5. After that, you will find the .apk file of the Faceit Finder app downloaded on the device file manager.
  6. Click the .apk file and select the install button. Your app will start to install.
  7. Last, you can sign in to your Faceit Finder account and link your account with Stream ID. Then use this.

How to Download the Faceit Finder app for PC?

Many tools and websites are available in the market specially designed for Faceit Analyser. But these tools and websites are third-party tools and websites. The third-party tools and websites need to be more secure and give accurate results.

If you want to use this app on your PC, then Faceit Finder App is the best app for getting accurate results. Faceit Finder is an official app from the developer that can be specially designed for Gamers who can track their opponent’s data.

To use this app on a PC, you must need an Android Emulator. One of the best and recommended emulators is Blustacks. You can download the Blustacks Emulator from the official website of Blustacks. Download the Blustacks emulator on your PC and install it.

After completing all the processes of Blustacks, open any web browser in the Blustacks and Search Faceit Finder from You can download this .apk file, and then this file will save your PC download folder.

You can drag this .apk file from PC to Emulator, and then I will ask the permission for installation. Install it in your Emulator and use it.

Pros and Cons


  • You can get any data on your opponent and also see the ranking.
  • Get your opponent’s data within seconds.
  • Rank your account with the help of opponent data.
  • It is Free.
  • No advertisements are shown.
  • No need for any payments.


  • With this app’s help, your opponent can track and beat your data.

System Requirements:

  1. System: Android 5.1 and up
  2. RAM: Minimum 2 GB
  3. Storage: Minimum 2 MB

Faceit Finder APK

Final Words

Faceit Finder Apk is a tools base app, especially for games, that can track all the data of your opponents and give of chance to gamers to Elo Ranking. Players may make data-driven decisions to improve their game experience thanks to its user-friendly interface and detailed insights. This tool is a vital asset for any competitive gamer, whether it’s for studying opponents, selecting teams, or tracking personal improvement.


Is Faceit Finder APK free to use?

Yes, Faceit Finder APK is free, making it accessible to all gamers.

How many accounts are tracked with the help of the Faceit Finder App?

You can track unlimited opponents’ accounts by using Faceit Finder.

Does Faceit Finder support all gaming platforms?

Faceit Finder is now intended for Steam ID integration and Faceit accounts.

Are there any alternative tools to find the Faceit Account?

There are lots of third-party tools and websites available. But these kinds of tools and websites are not trusted, so you can use these tools on your Android device by downloading this app from our websites.

Can I use Faceit Finder APK on mobile devices?

Yes, you can Faceit Finder on your Android mobile phone without any troubling.

Is there any paid version of the Faceit Finder App?

No, the Faceit Finder App is free. You can download this by visiting the Google play store and our website.

Is my data safe when I use Faceit Finder APK?

Yes, Faceit Finder APK respects user privacy and takes precautions to preserve data security.

Can Faceit Finder help me improve my gameplay?

Absolutely! Faceit Finder delivers vital insights that can aid in discovering areas for improvement and improving game performance.