XAPK Installer

How can I install an OBB or XAPK file (XAPK Installer) on an Android phone?

Are you a devoted Android user who enjoys installing and downloading games and applications on your device? If the answer is yes, you may have come across OBB and XAPK files. Certain apps and games require these files to be installed. However, many Android users need help with doing so.

The OBB and XAPK file are large file and not on the Google play store. To install OBB and XAPK files when you can download the Apk files from other than the Google play store.

To install OBB and XAPK files on your Android phone, follow the instructions in this article step-by-step.

What are OBB and XAPK files?

Android stores large game data files in the OBB format, “Opaque Binary Blob.” These files, which often download alongside the game’s APK file, include game materials like graphics, sound effects, and stages. APK and OBB files are contained in a single XAPK file, a compressed package format.

Why are XAPK and OBB files needed?

Due to file size restrictions, the APK file cannot contain all the resources many games and programs need. Developers can add all the required data files to OBB files independently of the APK file, guaranteeing the game plays appropriately. Similar to how huge game data files, which would otherwise require more time to download, are packaged in XAPK files.

XAPK and OBB file installation instructions for Android phones

Ensure the APK, OBB, or XAPK files you downloaded come from a reliable source before installing. Let’s look at how to install OBB and XAPK files on Android step-by-step.

Allowing installations from unidentified sources

Android prevents application installation from unidentified sources as a security safeguard. Therefore, you must enable installation from unknown sources before installing OBB or XAPK files. What to do is:

  1. On your Android smartphone, go to Settings.
  2. Depending on the Android version, scroll down and tap Security or Biometrics and Security.
  3. Select either Install apps from unknown sources or Install unknown apps.
  4. For the app or browser, you’re using to install the file, turn on the Allow from this source setting.

OBB file installation on Android

The procedures for installing the OBB file may be found below once you’ve enabled installation from unidentified sources:

  1. Utilize a file manager or an archive extractor to extract the OBB file.
  2. Transfer the extracted folder to your Android phone’s SD Card/Android/OBB/ location.
  3. Create an OBB folder with the same name as the game’s or application’s package name if it doesn’t already exist.
  4. Start playing the game or program after copying the OBB folder.

XAPK file installation on Android

XAPK files can be installed much faster than OBB files. The following steps are:

  1. XAPK Installer can be downloaded and installed from the ApkPitch.com website.
  2. After downloading this, Click the Install button after launching the XAPK Installer application.
  3. Utilizing your file manager, choose the XAPK file you wish to install.
  4. The installer will install the program when it automatically extracts the APK and OBB files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to install OBB files without an APK?

Android stores huge game data files in OBB files, a file extension. As a result, before adding the OBB file to the appropriate directory, you must first download and install the APK file.

Is it possible to install XAPK files without an XAPK installer?

The APK and OBB files can be extracted from the XAPK file using a file manager or an archive extractor. XAPK files can be manually installed this way. But if you want a hassle-free installation, we recommend using an XAPK installer.

How do I determine whether a game or app needs an OBB or XAPK file?

The majority of the time, the OBB or XAPK file requirements are included in the description or on the website of the app or game creator. Additionally, you can look at the APK file size; if it’s more than 100MB, an OBB or XAPK file is probably required.

If the OBB file is inoperable, what should I do?

Try extracting the OBB file again with a different file manager or archive extractor if it doesn’t work the first time. Confirm that you copied the OBB file to your Android phone’s SD Card/Android/OBB/ location.

Can I install OBB and XAPK files without risk?

Installing OBB and XAPK files is typically safe if received from a reliable source. To prevent malware and viruses from infecting your device, you should exercise caution and refrain from downloading files from unauthorized or untrusted sources.


In conclusion, if you adhere to the instructions provided in this article, installing OBB and XAPK files on your Android phone will be easy. Before beginning the installation process, always enable installation from unknown sources and only download files from reputable sources.