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Aug 21, 2023
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4.0 and Above
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Introduction to GB Whatsapp Pro APP

Most people can use the basic version of Whatsapp, which is limited in features and not customizable. People want to use the most advanced technology in today’s digital era. GB Whatsapp Pro’s latest version is a modified version of the original version where you can access extra and more advanced features that are not accessible in the basic version.

When someone takes your mobile, they can see your device’s photos, videos, and Whatsapp messages, which is annoying. For this purpose, the basic version can’t provide extra security to secure your chat from others. All the advanced security features are added to the Whatsapp GB Pro version.

There are a lot of Whatsapp versions that different developers can provide the mod version with different names like Go Whatsapp, WhatsApp Plus, Whatsapp Mod, and much more.

GB Whatsapp Pro Apk is an Android communication app where you can get extra advanced features that make a more fabulous look of your Whatsapp and provide more security. A lot of features like anti-ban, anti-delete messages, lock your chat, hide status, view deleted status, hide blue ticks, and much more features are discussed in this article. So stay connected and get advanced knowledge all about the GB Whatsapp Apk Latest Version.

Download GB Whatsapp Pro

Information about GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download

GB Whatsapp Pro APK is an advanced version of essential Whatsapp. You can access advanced features like download status, File sharing, sending HD images, multiple language translation, security lock, extended Status, Anti-delete, hide status, view hide status, hide forward icon, auto-reply, hide blue tick, DND mode, typing status, custom font, blue message, and much more in the pro version of Whatsapp.

We are discussing all the advanced features of GB Whatsapp Pro in detail. The Pro GB Whatsapp Pro is not available on the Google Play store. It is available for download from a third-party website. There are a lot of third-party websites that offer Whatsapp GB. You can download GB Whatsapp from the trusted website

The GB Whatsapp is safe and secure for your Android device. Some professional developers modified it, which changed the basic version and made it more advanced.

GB Whatsapp Pro is the most demanding and most download app in the Asia region. People can mostly use the advanced version called GB Whatsapp MOD APK to make a more remarkable look of your Whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp Pro Updated APK Additional Information

App Name GBWhatsApp Pro APK
Android Version 4.0 and Above
Version 17.52
Downloads 95,000,000+
App size 70 MB
Root Required Not Root Required
Main Purpose WhatsApp Extra Features/Modded
Last Updated Aug  21, 2023

Difference between Original Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp APK

You can download the original version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. In the basic version or original version of Whatsapp, you can access limited features and customize the features built in by the developer. You can only use the basic features of Whatsapp and not any premium features.

The GB Whatsapp Pro is the altered version of the original version. In GB Whatsapp, you can access a vast collection of advanced features and also customize it. Due to its advanced features, GB Whatsapp gets the most popularity. All the advanced features in GB Whatsapp are also not in the original version. The developer can add some advanced code in the GB version and get access to these advanced features.

GB Whatsapp PRO

Advanced Features of GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download

GB Whatsapp has a vast collection of advanced features. Here we are discussing some of the advanced famous features that people mostly use.


This feature is for those people who are busy with their work. To enable this feature and set a message template, when anyone or any friend sends you a message, this option automatically sends a message to your friend without typing manually.

Anti-Deleted Messages

Sometimes your friend sends you a message mistakenly or deletes the send message by using the delete for everyone option to hide privacy. This feature is for those people who want to read the deleted message, so turn it on this features and then you can read all the deleted messages without knowing your friends.

Hide the forward icon.

When you send a forward message to your friend, then a forward arrow icon will appear on your forward message. This is an unprofessional message for your friends. To hide this icon option, you must do it in your GB Whatsapp’s GB setting. You enable to hide the forward icon from the setting and then send a forward message without the show icon.

Hide Online Status

Most of your friends can see your online status and then send a message to chat with you. If you don’t want to chat with your friends and not show your online status, you can do it by just enabling the hide online status option. When you enable it, your online status will be off and not show online status to your friends.

Hide view of status.

It is the best feature for you to show your friends that you are not seeing the friend’s status. Go to GB setting and enable hide the view status in the security setting of GB Whatsapp set. After when you see your friend status, your profile will not show in your friends view the status list.

Custom font

Font style looks more attractive in your Whatsapp layout. If you don’t like the Whatsapp default font style, you can also customize the font style in the GB Whatsapp set. Choose your favorite style and change the Whatsapp font look.

Send Direct Message/No need to save the number.

Saving a new number and sending a message to your new number is very disliked. Now you can send a message to a new number without a saving number. Just go to the Whatsapp three bar and click send a new message. Add country code and number, then click ok. You can see that you have to send a direct message to the new number.

Translate your Chat

This is one of the best and most advanced features when talking with friends and clients from another country and another language. You can translate your chat just by clicking the translate icon. The translate icon is added in the chat section; you can select the country language type in your chat. Your chat will be sent in your client’s and friends’ language.

Download your friend’s status.

Most people can download status videos and images of friends. The download option will not show in the basic version. With the help of GB Whatsapp’s updated version, you can download your friend’s statuses, share them with your friends, and add them to your status with one click.

Upload long status

In the basic version, you can only add 30 sec of video to your status. But in the GB Whatsapp, a trim and cut icon are added. You can click on it and, after that, select your video. This trimer can automatically cut your videos in equal parts and add all the parts to your status.

Dark Mode

The default color and theme are the light themes of all the Whatsapp versions. But if you need to change it, a moon icon will appear above the chat. You click on it, then change the theme into dark mode, and again, click on it it will be changed again into light mode. So you can choose your theme as your choice.

Message Scheduler

If you message your friends and family on a specific date, you don’t need to remember the date and note another place. Just set s scheduler message in the GB Whatsapp and set the date; your message will automatically send to your friends on a specific date.

Set a lock on your Whatsapp

If you want that no one can open your Whatsapp, then you can set a private password and lock your Whatsapp. You must go to your GB setting and the lock section. You can set 4 digits, 6 digits, pattern, and English name lock. You can also turn off the visible option of your lock so that no one can see your lock code when you open it.

Add your chat to the archive.

In this Whatsapp, you can add your favorite chat in the archive section. The archive option will not appear in your chat in the main section of WhatsApp. A new folder-type section will be created, and you can add your chat.

Massive collection of Whatsapp Logo

If you want to change the Whatsapp logo, you can see a massive collection of Whatsapp logos in the GB Whatsapp. You can choose your favorite color icon. The default color of the Whatsapp logo is green. You can set your icon by selecting the icon color; over 700 icons are added to GB Whatsapp.

Customize your Whatsapp design.

One of the best features of GB Whatsapp Apk pro is that you can customize the design of Whatsapp to your own choice. You can set font style, theme, customization, chat backup images, Change Whatsapp icon, and other features.

GB Whatsapp Pro APK

How to Download GB Whatsapp Updated Latest Version?

Most people are confused when they download the GB Whatsapp Latest version because when they search on Google by typing download GB Whatsapp, many websites are open that provide GB Whatsapp. But most websites must provide the latest GB Whatsapp Apk app version. So here we will complete the guide of GB Whatsapp download for Android.

  1. First, to download GB Whatsapp Pro, type a search operator in the Google search bar. Here is the search operator: “GB Whatsapp download .”Also, a download button will be given above the content.
  2. After typing the search operator, you can see that Google will show you the search results list; you click the first result provided by
  3. Click the download button, and your GB Whatsapp Apk file will be saved in the storage section of the device.
  4. After downloading GB Whatsapp, you need to install it on your device, but before installation, you need to get a chat backup. You can see how to get the Backup of Whatsapp in the next section.

How to get a Backup from the GB Whatsapp old version?

  1. To get a backup of your Whatsapp chat, first, you need a Gmail account where your backup of Whatsapp will be stored.
  2. Sign in to your Gmail account in your Gmail app.
  3. Open Whatsapp and go to settings by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  4. You will see the cha section. Click the chat, and also click backup.
  5. After clicking the backup button, your backup will be started and saved on your login Gmail account.

How to install GB Whatsapp Pro on Android devices?

To install the GB Whatsapp Pro Latest version on your device, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall GB Whatsapp and download the old version already installed on your device. Ensure that before uninstalling, you have to take a chat backup.
  2. To install the third-party app on your Android, you must allow permission from unknown sources from your Android security setting.
  3. After these settings, go to your device storage section and find the GB Whatsapp apk file.
  4. Click the GB Whatsapp pro Apk file, and your installation process will start, and GB Whatsapp will be successfully installed on your device.
  5. Open GB Whatsapp by clicking the GB icon. You need to enter the number that you want to use it.
  6. An OTP will send your number, copy the OTP number and paste it into your GB Whatsapp code section.
  7. In the next section, you can click restore a backup saved in your Gmail account. Your backup will automatically restore in your new Whatsapp.

System Requirements

  • Required Android 4.0 and above version.
  • Mini 2GB of Ram.
  • Need minimum 100 MB Storage.
  • Installed rooted and not rooted devices.

Pro GB Whatsapp Download

GB Whastapp Versions

  1. GB Whatsapp pro v17 40 downloads
  2. GB Whatsapp pro v17 30 download
  3. GB Whatsapp pro v17 20 updates 2023 download
  4. GB Whatsapp pro v17 00 download
  5. GB Whatsapp pro v16 20 download
  6. GB Whatsapp pro v13 50 download
  7. GB Whatsapp v12 11 0 download
  8. GB Whatsapp pro v12

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Secure your privacy.
  • DND mode.
  • Hide media from Gallary.
  • Emoji Variants.
  • Freeze Last Seen.
  • Send Web images directly.
  • Send large media files.
  • Customize as your own choice.
  • More than one Whatsapp can be used on one device.


  • When you enable, hide Blue tick some, time message can be delivered to your friend.
  • Can’t receive a message when hiding blue tick; hide double click.

Final words

Whatsapp GB Pro is one of the most mind-blowing applications to modify your Whatsapp setting, like textual style, symbols, protection, and more. The GB Whatsapp Mod Apk is the most famous application where you can change your Whatsapp look and gain admittance to extra high-level elements. Wait, don’t as well. Open the site and download GB Whatsapp Pro to get the application’s high-level elements. The GB Whatsapp Pro is not difficult to download and is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GB Whatsapp leaking primary data?

Because the modified version of WhatsApp is not secure and risky, the chance of leaking your data will increase, So download the original version of Whatsapp that is safe and secured.

Can I use GB Whatsapp on my IOS device?

IOS device is a more secure and trusted device. Any virus contains or third-party app will not be accepted on the IOS device. So the GB WhatsApp is accessible only for Android devices.

I want to use both the original and GB Whatsapp on my device. Can I use it?

You can use more than one Whatsapp on your device if you want to use it. On GB Whatsapp, you can use different numbers. Only one Whatsapp will be active if you can use the same number on multiple devices. If you have multiple Whatsapp on your device, you need to install different versions of Whatsapp on your device, like Official Whatsapp, business WhatsApp, GB Whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and much more.

If the new version of GB Whatsapp Pro is released, how can I update it?

As you know, the third-party app is not updated automatically; if you want to update your WhatsApp, you must have visited the same website to download it. Most websites need to update the mod version of the app, so one of the best and updated app websites is