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Last Island of Survival Mod Apk 11.4 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

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About the Game

Do you want to play a game by making your own rules on an adventurous and dangerous island? Stop here! A splendid game, Last Island of Survival Mod APK, with its unique features of freedom and exploring the Island, is presented in the gaming world. In this game, zombies have control of an island, and you are one of the remaining people on a mission to stay alive. You do not have food, defense equipment, or other necessities of life on an island of zombies.

To survive on this dangerous and ruined Island, you have to search for food by hunting animals, building your protective place, weapons, and other items while dealing with starvation and fatigue, in addition to getting rid of horrifying zombies. The epic trip has its challenges as there are several obstacles you must overcome to progress in the game Last Island of Survival, the latest version with free premium features of unlocked everything and unlimited money.

The amazing illustrations, with detailed sounds, engage the players to explore the Island. So, what are you waiting for? Download Last Island of Survival Mod APK and start your adventure. You can also visit one of the most popular zombie games, called College Brawl Mod Combo, where your role is to protect the girls from zombies.

Last Island of Survival Mod APK Unlimited Everything

Last Island of Survival Mod APK is a multiplayer game for Android mobile. You have to remain alive in this game with dangers and challenges; therefore, the gameplay is difficult. You are getting ready to navigate numerous challenges like maintaining your life in dangerous settings, collecting different materials to stay alive, weapon manufacturing, and building protection areas.

With your creative techniques and strategies, withstand challenges and keep going on the Island with Zombies. In the latest version of the Last Island of Survival Mod Apk, the premium features of unlimited money, unlocked everything, free craft, and customization of items are free of cost. 

The storyline

Last Island of Survival Mod APK is an adventurous game that begins on a deserted island. There are a few characters that the players do not control, but they are free to make their own rules. The main player of this game comes from an unknown place and faces a lot of challenging difficulties in collecting life-saving material and navigating the surrounding area to locate unexplored lands and hidden gems using a map.

As you can not walk or run all day, you have to build a protective space for yourself. If you want to be relaxed, you can use the base of your fellow players on a deserted island. The options of some flexible controls are added in this game, Last Island of Survival Mod APK, to move here and there easily. Refilling the magazines and changing your equipment will engage the paler in the game. The feature of managing life protection indulges the players to finish this adventurous game. 

Amazing Features of Last Island of Survival APK

Something strange has happened on the Island. The buildings and places are destroyed. Blood and dead bodies tell us a horrible story. Now you have to navigate the map with the free premium unlocked and unlimited features of this mod version to survive on this land.

Explore the game with all your Independence.

The unique feature of this game is that you can build your gaming terms. You have the authority to meet new friends and construct protective places for your survival.

Establish your Protective Place

Discover this amazing land with distinctive characteristics. You can create whatever you want, whether it is a place in the desert, a warm house in an icy-covered area, or a fort at the border. It is your responsibility to choose the area and material for construction. Try to protect your place from destruction. 

Free Craft

In this latest version of Last Island of Survival APK, the players have the control to craft their weapons. There are vast opportunities; you have to find them. Pieces of broken items or different things like branches, vehicles, clothes, or much more can be useful supplies to create new ones with the latest features. 

Participation of Several Players

This game has an exciting element of player versus player (PvP). If you want to play alone or with other players, it is your choice to protect your control. Social interaction with other players takes this game to a deeper, higher level. 

Hunting for Food 

To stay alive, food is a basic human necessity. Setting a trap or hunting for food is a different idea of this game. Every successful hunt is a victory. 

Character Customization

This game offers the option of character customization. It is an amazing element that allows players to design their personalized characters with unlocked abilities and strategies. Their skills and techniques are improved in a variety of fighting and crafting tasks. 

Production of Weapons

There are many different types of guns, bullets, and craftables in Last Island of Survival. They consist of weapons like revolvers, bomb launchers, rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, events, knives, machetes, protective clothing, bone, iron, steel, exploding objects, and gunpowder.

Regular Updates

The developers have a strong determination to produce the game; the environment is always changing. Frequent updates highlight new features, improvements, and additional material.

Amazing Features of Last Island of Survival Mod Menu

  • It has unlimited money to get the latest features.
  • Character customization is a unique feature. 
  • Production of weapons enhances the technical abilities. 
  • Unlocked characters help in fighting the enemies.
  • Free crafting helps the players create the latest equipment.
  • All ammo-unlocked features improve the fighting strategy.  
  • Unlimited everything boosts the potential of the players in building their protective buildings, customizing the vehicle, and much more. 

Compatibility and Specifications of Game

  • It requires Android 5.0 and up.
  • It takes space, as its size is 2GB
  • The latest version of this game is 10.2
  • It is an online game and requires an online connection.
  • It requires a Quad-core processor of 1.4 GHz or higher.
  • The developer of this game is HK Hero Entertainment Co.Limited.


  • Problem: This game uses over 1 GB of data. If you have a storage issue in your device, it will crash as it is a heavy application.
  • Solution:  If the game freezes or gets heavy, do the simple step. Clear the application cache to get rid of the bugs.     

Advantages and Disadvantages of Last Island of Survival Mod APK

The game Last Island of Survival invites challenging adventures from every direction. Your strategies and decisions make the game attractive for you to survive on this Island of Zombies. 


  • Effective Life-saving Strategies: The game engages in searching for food, building protective space, and customizing materials to survive on the Island. 
  • Interactive Multiplayer: An interactive social environment is provided in the game to work together to save the lives of players.
  • Variety in Techniques: In the Mod Version of this game, unlocked everything and unlimited money with free craft to construct protection buildings, search for food, and manufacture weapons to stay alive and fight with zombies, take this game to a high level.  
  • Ongoing Development: Bug fixes and new material are added regularly to keep the game interesting.


  • In the initial stages, the new players can find it difficult to complete the challenges.
  • It takes a great deal of time to be successful in the game.
  • In the Last Island of Survival, the players have to buy some features to make their game more interesting, but not in the Mod Version of this game. 

What’s New in Last Island of Survival 10.6 Latest Version

The latest version of this game provides a lot of new additions in items or features to make the game more interesting. 

  • The latest Anti-Materiel Sniper Rifle is introduced with its unique features.
  • Maglev Armed Motorcycle to go to narrow places.
  • A smoke ball is introduced to form smoke. 
  • For an adventurous appearance, some unique, customizable battle dress features are presented in this latest version.
  • Creating weapons to finish the game with an engaging spirit creates a high-level effect on the players.

Last Island of Survival Mod APK Obb File

  • Before playing the game, keep in mind the installation of all the necessary files to set up the entire OBB file.
  • All the important resources for games are in the OBB file, which is crucial for Android devices. 
  • It indicates whether you are receiving the complete game with all its illustrations and audio features.

How do you download Last Island of Survival Mod APK to Android?

Do you want to play a life-saving game with amazing premium unlimited and unlocked features free of cost? Just download Last Island of Survival Mod APK and begin the game. There are a few simple steps to follow. 

  • Step 1: Open your mobile settings and allow the option of unknown sources to install the app.
  • Step 2: To download the APK file, enter the download button.
  • Step 3: Open the downloaded APK on your device and install it. 
  • Step 4: After installation, open the app and start navigating your adventurous journey.

Personal Review

I have always really enjoyed playing Last Island of Survival Mod APK, which has endless supplies and strategies for surviving on an island of zombies. Its unlimited and unlocked premium features with interesting customization elements and special powers indulge the players in the game. This game exhibits every type of psychology, with characters taking significant risks to control survival and create bonds and trust. I want to suggest this Mod APK for an adventurous and anxiety-free game.


Indeed, it is a multiplayer game. You can play this game with your companions.

This courageous and endurance game requires a web association, and players partake in this game on the web.

The main form of this game doesn’t have commercials. You can enjoy the game with practically no aggravating interference.

Final Verdict

The Last Island of Survival Mod APK is a courageous game to test your abilities, methodologies, procedures, and capacities and how you figure out how to get by on a demolished island of zombies. The astonishing free premium elements, like limitless cash, opened everything, and free societies, take you to the completely open universe of the game. Are you eager to participate in the difficulties of this sublime game? Download the Last Island of Survival Mod APK today and explore your experience!

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