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Sonic Mania APK Plus Version 2.9 Free Download For Android 2024

The mixture of Past and Present of Sonic Mania Plus APK

Sonic Mania is a horizontal scroller and a platformer video game with a side-view camera angle for action viewing. Sonic Mania is a 2D animation game zone. The primary missions of Sonic Heroes’ are to defend themselves against attackers, acquire rings, boost their defensive abilities, and discover additional characters as they progress in the game. Have you planned any action to defeat Sonic Mania Plus territory’s opposing forces? Now, you can access every location in Sonic Mania, and you can utilize your strength to protect yourself from opponents and collect many coins to level up your skills as a fighter. Sonic Mania Plus Mod Apk also looks like Mini Militia Mod Apk.

Sonic Mania Plus APK

The Compatibility of Sonic Mania Plus on various devices

Christian Whitehead created Sonic Mania, which Sega Corporation released. It was launched digitally and physically in July 2018, and officially, it was available for devices such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It was only digitally released for PC. In 2014, it will be a future port for iOS and Android via Netflix Games.

Sonic-Mania Plus Story-line

Sonic Mania is segmented into 13 zones, with two acts in each zone. The three main characters of this game are Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. There are gemstones and different items that Mr. Egg’s team stole. The main characters fought with them using other items like rings, coins, shields, jumps, speeds, item boxes, gems, emeralds, etc. After defeating them, they achieved their target and got the Ruby Gem.

Overview of Sonic Mania Plus APK Android Download 2023

The ability to play with strong heroes brings exciting, mysterious, and outstanding challenges. The basic version of Sonic Mania has limited features. Several upgraded controls, stages, ranging, and illustrations are introduced, and you can unlock additional characters, abilities, stages, and extra unique capabilities of each hero in Sonic Mania Plus APK’s latest version. The game saves the user’s development via an autosave feature at specific points. After starting the game as Sonic, the person playing may choose and switch to a fellow character. You can download the free version of Sonia Mania Plus from a reliable source such as Google Play Store or to avoid any inconvenience.

What is Sonic Mania Mod APK?

The basic version of Sonic Mania has limited features and characters. Still, the latest version of Sonic Mania Plus APK presents a variety of characters along with Sonic’s everlasting fellows, Tails and Knuckles.

Throughout the stages, you’ll be able to collect these characters to play with and select from the two you’ve owned for most of the time. You begin playing the next character when one of the characters dies rather than restarting the game. It ends when you do not have more characters to play with. Enjoy enhanced features, including additional characters, patterns, abilities, etc. You can take advantage of premium items, such as characters, abilities, rings, and many other items, free of cost. In the mod version of Sonic Mania, you can play with unlimited lives and diamonds free of charge.

Sonic Mania Plus APK

Several amazing Features of The Sonic Mania Apk Download Android full game

Features of the characters in Sonic Mania Plus APK

  • Sonic: He is the quickest hedgehog in the world. He quickly defeats Dr. Eggman’s evil schemes and stops the Hard Boiled Heavies.
  • Tails: He is a young fox who has two tails. He flies like a helicopter when he spins his tails.
  • Knuckles: He grows up on Angel Island. The Master Emerald is under his protection. He’s good at climbing and high above gliding.
  • Dr. Eggman: He is a psychopath and cruel mastermind. He continuously attempts to control the globe, but a blue hedgehog blocks his path.

Hard Boiled Heavies

Dr. Eggman created an incredible robotic army. The Heavies successfully obtained the rare gemstone, but its power sometimes looks as if its nuts and bolts are removed.

  • Heavy King: He is the Hard Boiled Heavies’ leader who uses a strong wand and a keen eye to lead his special force.
  • Heavy Gunner: He is an uncontrolled cannon with significant fire ability.
  • Heavy Shinobi is a machine-type fighter who uses his sword to freeze the player’s character.
  • Rich Magician: She is a mysterious artist with various surprising tricks.
  • Heavy Rider: She is an impulsive robot who carries off dangerous acts.

Characteristics of the item used in Sonic Mania Plus APK

  • Air Bubble: It supplies the playable characters more oxygen to breathe in watery conditions.
  • Chaos Emerald: These are seven emeralds and mysterious stones from earlier times connected to the Master Emerald with endless power.
  • Giant Ring: It is an increased version of the Rings used to enter Special Stages or additional zones in particular conditions.
  • Big Spear: These silver slings are one of the hurdles to hit playing characters to harm them.
  • Item box: The user can access various bonuses and additional abilities in item boxes.

Various playstyles

Sonic Mania Plus Apk has various modes. Encore Mode has been added in the latest version, and the game levels have new color schemes and patterns. The elements like Chemical Plant’s underwater block area are still there but set with new colors. The introduction of two new characters with different levels makes a big difference. Playing with multiple characters at once in this mode truly opens up a variety of missions. Using various characters prevents you from dying as long as you have a fellow player. It adds new thrill in the advanced levels.

Explore the higher levels.

Sonic Mania Plus APK has a series of zones. It has 13 zones, each providing thrilling goals and secret locations that the players explore. There are plenty of rings in the new level that you can gather. These rings are essential for defeating your foes and obtaining a new character. In the new levels, the latest features of characters and items are introduced, such as Item Box power-ups, including Power Sneakers, Invincible, Super Ring, and a modified Hyper Ring. The elemental shield, Flame Shield, and Lightning Shield are the attractive elements of the latest version to engage the players.

Use Time Attack Mode to save your life.

The player’s protection plans to save his life and the tricks to attack the enemies at the right time using various items and skills can safely finish the levels.

Significance of collecting rings

Rings provide various benefits to Sonic. If he collects 100 rings, he will be granted one additional life. Rings also shield Sonic from losing a life when an enemy attacks.

Unlocked Features

In the bonus stages, there are many unlocked additional features, items, and extras free of cost. After completing, the character can get a Chaos Emerald in the Special Stage. After getting all seven Emeralds, he can go to the advanced level, a Super State, that supplies him greater Speed and higher jumps. The rings are the major element of the Super State level; as the rings run out, the levels are over.

Sonic Mania Plus APK

The Mobile Modified Features of Sonic Mania Plus Apk

  • Unlimited Rings can save your life.
  • Unlocked Characters bring a twist to the game.
  • Unlimited Lives can be obtained.
  • Unlimited Items can be used.
  • Unlocked Shields are provided to protect yourself.
  • Great Speed makes the game interesting.
  • High Jumps create thrill in the game
  • Extra Powers help you to explore hidden places 
  • Sonic Mania Plus apk no verification
  • Unlimited Diamond are available 
  • Unlimited Coins can give you additional bonuses

Sonic Mania Plus Cheat Codes

Additional cheat codes can now be entered in the Level Select Sound Test. You can only use these cheat codes in No Save Mode.

  • All Chaos Emeralds: Press the 04, 01, 02, and 06 sounds. The extraordinary development is made possible by giving the player every Chaos Emerald.
  • Playing Egg Reverie Super State on any level: Sounds 02, 00, 01, 07, 00, 08, 01, 05 are to be played. All the characters can fly in any zone when in their Super State.
  • Every Sonic Capability: Play 09, 00, 00, 01 sounds. The access to Insta-Shield, Drop Dash, and Super Peel Out at the same time is granted.
  • Ricky Mania: To replace all the animals with Ricky, Play the sounds 01, 09, 07, 09, 00, 08, 01, 01.

Pros and Cons


Balance the past with the latest features.

The developers can add additional characters, abilities, stages, levels, power-ups, rewards, and bonuses to engage the player in the game more.

Stunning pixel art and superb level design

Players can customize the game by modifying the gameplay structure, illustrations, and soundtrack. ImplementingImplementing some adjustments to the game’s graphics can make it more enjoyable for the players.


You can connect with others who share your thoughts and work by using modifications, fostering a sense of community and creativity.


By increasing the player’s involvement, developers’ new tasks and content can increase the game’s replay value.


  • The ads irritate while playing the game.
  • There is a risk to safety and privacy.
  • Technical and moral concerns are to be focused on.

Steps to Get Sonic Mania Plus APK for Android Device

Download the full version of Sonic Mania APK for Android by following a few easy steps that show the complete downloading procedure.

  • Step 1: To get the most recent Sonic Mania Plus Apk version without verification, visit the official website.
  • Step 2: After opening the download page of Sonic Mania Plus Apk free, enter the download button.
  • Step 3: When the Apk file is saved to your device’s download folder, click the file to download the most recent version of the Sonic Mania Mod Apk.
  • Step 4: To install the Apk file on your smartphone, locate it in the phone’s download section and click on it to install it.
Sonic Mania Plus APK

How do you download Sonic Mania Plus Apk on PC?

Any Android emulator, a software program, is required to download the most recent version of Sonic Mania Plus Mod Apk on your computer. The Bluestack Emulator is simple to use and is the most popular among users.

  • Step 1: Install it on your computer, then launch the emulator’s pre-installed web browser.
  • Step 2: Next, in the Google Search bar, type Sonic Mania Plus APK.
  • Step 3: Installing Sonic Mania Plus Apk on your PC only requires dragging and dropping the file into the emulator.


After completing the game, you can choose the desired play mode by clicking Triangle or Y while moving to the “NO SAVE” icon in the Mania Mode saving file section.

You can return to any Zone after the game is over. You can now play the special stages, as the special stage rings will return at this point.

Click on the option of Mania Mode > No Save > Secrets; the Triangle button should be used to get to this selection.

Instead of the original game, the latest version of Sonic Mania Plus APK has more characters with unique abilities and features to explore new places and stages.

You can get the details regarding the OBB file installation by going to the XAPK installer page to get the Sonic Mania Plus Apk OBB file. 

At this time only Sonic Mania Plus Apk is launched there is no other second version of Sonic Mania launched.

All the usual features of Sonic Mania games are provided without charge. If you want to have access to premium mode, purchase a subscription.

Ultimate Nutshell

Eventually, Sonic Mania Plus APK is an enjoyable game that restores the beloved classic Sonic experience in a modern environment. Join Sonic and his fellows in challenging stages, reacting movements, attractive techniques, exciting tricks, and a lot of hidden places to explore by downloading this unforgettable, thrilling game.


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