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Overview of Tag After School APK

Your role in this game is a young boy whose name is Skota-Kun. In Tag After School Apk, you can see a vast collection of horror content. In Tag After School APK, you must find the items to save you from ghosts and obstacles. You can enjoy this game with its unique graphics, effortless control, and excellent sound effects.

Tag After School APK is a Japanese family school entertaining and educational Android game for kids where they can learn, communicate, complete their work with a team, solve their problems, and much more. The game has a lot of mini-games that you can play and solve puzzles to complete the task and get new levels.

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More About Tag After School Android APK

Tag After School game is designed for Android devices. The Tag After School APK is a horror game where your role is a Skota-Kun, a young boy. The Skota-Kun has faced many challenges and got bullied by its friends. After that, the Skota-Kun lost their self-confidence in their friends.

A girl from his school is challenging the Skota-Kun to spend a night in the ghosts and hunted school. The Skota-Kun accepts this challenge to spend a night in the hunted school.

After you spend a night in the school, your challenge is to find the items, save yourself from the ghosts, and find the exit way to the school. You can explore the cells, torches, and other things that can help you to know when and where to go. The game is all about depending on the ghost, where you have to save yourself from the spirit and make good decisions to protect yourself and the game.

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Tag After School APK gameplay and story

The Tag After School APK is a Japanese school system game where ghosts live in a school. Skota-Kun accepts the challenge to spend one night in a horror school. The game’s primary purpose is to collect items that are helpful for you to exit the school and give you a guide that shows when and where you should go.

Your goal is to protect yourself from the school ghosts and find the items to get your way out of the school. To make a good decision is more to protect you and your game.

Tag After School Apk Latest Version

Features of Tag After School Apk

Stunning graphics.

If you are visiting this game screen, you have to see that the graphics of this game are awe-inspiring and stunning. Due to its stunning graphics, this game has gained more popularity. The pictures of Tag After School can make it more attractive.

Sound effect

The sound effect of any game is to make it more enjoyable. In Tag After School, when you have opened the game, the sound effects of the game will attract you. Spending the night in school makes the sound effects more attractive and enjoyable.

Unique storyline

In the Tag After School narrative, a schoolboy, Skota-Kun, accepts the schoolgirls’ challenge to spend the night in the haunted school. Skota-Kun can face the trials and defend himself from the school ghost. Finding the stuff and protecting yourself is one of the most challenging parts of the game.

Several characters

This game has other characters, but the primary character is Skota-Kun. In this game, each character plays a unique role.

Multiplayer Mode

There is a multiplayer mode in the game. You can play this game with your friends as well as other gamers. You must form a squad of players and pit them against opposing players. The multiplayer mode is more fun.

Simple to control.

The controls for Tag After School are simple. When you play the game, there is no lag or hanging screen. You understand how to play this game.

Avoid obstacles and ghosts.

A scary school created the game. This game is filled with ghosts and obstacles. However, you intend to shield yourself from these ghosts and barriers while searching for things.

Accept challenges for spending a night.

The primary character of the game is a schoolboy named Skota-Kun. You are accepting the challenge of the schoolgirls to spend the night in the haunted school. The game is one of the most difficult in which you must contend with ghost issues.

Investigate things in the Haunting School.

After acknowledging the demands of school, young ladies, you want to investigate the spooky school and find useful things for you. You can track down items and utilize these things to leave the mysterious school.

To solve puzzles and riddles

There are many riddles in this game. You must settle every conundrum and puzzle to follow through with your job. These tricky riddles are more charming than the undertaking.

Tag After School game Apk

Tag After School Free Download for Android


  • Click the download button above the content to download the Tag After School APK latest version on your Android. Just click the download button, and your APK file will be saved on your device.
  • After downloading your file, you must find it in your device storage section.
  • Click on the downloaded APK file to install it on your smartphone.


  • First, you must check that your device has installed an old version. If yes, you must uninstall the old Tag After School APK version.
  • First, to install third-party apps or games on your device, allow unknown sources permission from your device’s app manager security system.
  • Click on the APK file saved in your device’s file manager download folder.
  • Your installation process will be started; follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your device.
  • After installation, open the game and play it free of cost.

Benefits and Drawbacks of the Tag After School Game APK


  1. Even young children will find it simple to use and understand.
  2. A fun method to learn fundamental math concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  3. Colourful graphics make the game appealing and entertaining for children.
  4. When pupils complete a level, they are rewarded with stars or coins.
  5. It provides varying difficulty levels so players can progress at their speed without being overwhelmed by more challenging tasks too early in the gameplay cycle.


  1. There are no game modification options.
  2. The app has little content and levels, making keeping involved with the game for extended periods challenging.
  3. In-app purchases are necessary to unlock more features or advance through particular stages rapidly, which can sometimes be costly.
Tag After School Apk game

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is an iOS version available. You can download the IOS version by searching on Google “Tag After School for IOS” and downloading the IOS file free of cost.

The Tag After School APK game is on the Google Play Store. You have to download this game from third-party websites. One of the most trusted websites is


The Tag After School APK is a challenging game where a schoolboy named Skato-Kun accepts the challenges of school girls. The challenge is to spend a night in the haunted school. In the haunted school, the Skato-Kun collect the items and protect themselves from ghosts and obstacles.

These items that are found by the Skato-Kun can be helpful for the Skato-Kun to guide when and where you go. Your primary purpose is to find a way to escape the haunted school to avoid the ghosts and obstacles. So why do you wait? Now, download this game and enjoy its challenges.

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