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About the game

The apes have controlled the world and human civilization has ended. This thrilling game Age of Apes Mod APK engages you in an exciting and enjoyable mission. You can expand your ape kingdom by creating connections and planning to attack other enemy apes to rule over the destroyed world. Your mission is to search for bananas by launching rockets into space. There is a war for it, and you can participate in the establishment of ape society. 

The teamwork and competition in the highly advanced game with the characteristics of battle, war strategies, building their tribe, and managing their cities, indulge you to have a war with other tribes. The customization of your ape commander with different clothes and gadgets leaves an impact on the other enemy apes. 

You can find and collect unique items with the free premium features of unlimited money and gems for the better progression of your ape tribe. Are you ready to train your ape army and launch a rocket into space in search of bananas? Be the leader of your ape tribe and enjoy the Age of Apes Mod APK free download. Also, visit the Last Island of Survival game and enjoy the action scenes on the island.

Age of Apes MOD APK

The Storyline

Age of Apes Mod APK starts after the Final Battle of Mankind ended. The world has been destroyed and monkeys survived the war. They build different buildings according to their needs like hospitals, research centers, iron mines, and timber production industries to generate resources and they prepare farms to produce food. They know modern technologies and strategies. They work on manufacturing weapons and equipment to advance their armies’ abilities for war and in facilitating their cities. They raise and train the soldiers of their army to fight with their opponents. 

Monkeys launch a rocket into space in search of bananas. After launching the rocket, everything was going smoothly, but the rocket caught fire. It broke into pieces and spread widely. They keep looking for the remains and at last, they gather them. 

There are observation centers to explore the unknown or hidden areas. They have scout monkeys who travel to any area or place, the player instructs. The players can make their teams fight against the enemies. With the help of other team member, they protect their cities and the resources in a better way. The challenges begin when the Age of Apes starts and players get rewards and bonuses after completing them.  

Age of Apes Mod APK Unlimited Money

The latest version of Age of Apes Mod Apk expands its free premium features of unlimited money and gems, unlimited everything, customization of apes and tribes, and launching rockets into space in search of bananas to explore the galaxy. Download the most latest version of the Age of Apes Mod Apk from the reputable website Apkpitch to receive unlimited money and other benefits. Every premium feature has already been unlocked in the modified version. The mod version’s creator must alter the code to unlock every game item. 

In this massive multiplayer online strategy game (MMO), you can become the clan’s strongest monkey to control your base, raise the soldiers, and declare war on your opponents to develop the ape civilization in the world. 

You will be the leader of all the monkeys by helping them in different ways like fighting with the monster monkey and taking the valuable items from other clans. How you will prove yourself victorious in this space war? 

The incredible thing about this game is that like in other action games, you do not have to watch the scenes with cuts and bloody deadbodies. The effective graphics make this science-theme-based game fun with its premium features of unlimited money and gems, unlimited everything, and customization of characters free of cost. 

What is the Age of Apes Mod APk?

The Age of Apes Mod Apk has a lot of free premium features that are limited in the basic version. The modified version of this game has unlimited everything, in this modified version you don’t need to pay any extra amount to purchase the extra unlimited features. In the basic version, you just access some limited features, to get the extra feature you must have to purchase these features.

Age of Apes Mod Apk latest version is set in the time when the world was destroyed during the war, and monkeys are there to rule over it. The player can play the role of monkey leader of his tribe to establish his fort. You can instruct the monkeys of your tribe to collect the supplies and train your army of monkeys to enlarge your area of control.

The essential elements of the game such as military operations, several kinds of buildings, and player partnerships for working together engage the players to the end. This strategy game offers quests and distinctive challenges to play on Android devices.

Age of Apes MOD APK

Staggering Characteristics of the Age of Apes 

Check out the stunning characteristics of this extraordinary game to discover a world where ape supremacy management resources, war strategies, and research techniques work together to create a cherished gaming encounter.

Society of Ape Civilization 

Apes have control over the world, there are six legendary clans and you can be part of your most dominant clan and be the leader of it to develop your society. Construct a magnificent outpost, and train your tribe to defeat the enemies especially Mutant Monkey. 

War Strategy

To fight with the opponents, create an outpost, raise and train your army of monkeys, launch the rocket, and customize the characters to play this tactical game.


With your strongest monkey clan, you can move to different places to explore the old remains and fight against Mutant Monkeys in a player-versus-environment (PVE)strategy game. The clan leaders, Roger the Intendant and Junior are the most powerful with cunning tactics to combat the other monkey enemies.

The Emergence of Partnership

It is a multiplayer game and you can add other participants to enjoy the remarkable feature of constructing a new society. Work together and share the resources to rule the top places of the world. 

Maintenance of Resources

You have to use the material such as the gathering of food, construction of buildings, and customization of monkies wisely to develop the civilization of the clan.  

Expand your Apes’ army by training their abilities

The monkey warriors have unique abilities. You can train them, and with the help of their distinctive and extraordinary powers, you can defeat the opposite clan. These heroes are important and have the power to move the playing field to protect their clan. You can upgrade your soldiers into more capable forces by providing them with armor and highly effective ammunition to win the war.

Some Important buildings

  • Ape’s Tavern: The players can get additional fighting skilled monkeys by using the dinner award.
  • Arena: You can check the abilities and training of the monkey soldiers in player vs player battle. 
  • Command Center: It is the base where the intelligence of the gang is checked.

Impressive Graphics

The highly detailed and richly animated graphics grab the close interest of players in Age of Apes Mod APK. The illustrations of the destroyed world after the war describe the surroundings to boost players’ potential. 

Astonishing Features of Age of Apes Mod Apk Free Download

As compared to the simple version, the Age of Apes Mod APK provides distinctive premium features like unlimited money, gems, coins, and unlimited everything without any charges. The players can experience the latest version of this game with greater control and adaptability. 

Unlimited Money

The feature of unlimited money in the Age of Apes Mod APK provides access to all the possibilities with great speed. With endless money, you can build majestic buildings, and encourage your soldiers to emerge the ape civilization on your instructions. Your financial independence and intelligent decisions take your tribes to the ultimate victory. 

Unlimited Everything

You can move to the world of unending opportunities with the free feature of unlimited everything in the Age of Apes Mod Apk. The unrestricted resources help you to construct powerful outposts, train and expand unconquerable soldiers, and have the ultimate freedom to complete the challenges.

Age Of Apes Mod Menu

There is an endless range of personalized game activities in the Age of Apes Mod Menu. To improve the gameplay, this innovative feature allows you to use the extensive variety of authority and customization to play the game according to your preferences. You have the chance to rule over the apes’ society in your distinctive manner. 

Speed Hack

This modified version allows you to progress quickly by saving your time and improving productivity. 

Without Advertisement

In Age of Apes Mod APK, the players do not face the irritating advertisement. They experience the game smoothly.

Age of Apes MOD APK

The Compatibility of Age of Apes Mod APK on various devices

  • This game requires Android 5.0 and up.
  • It does not take up a lot of space, as its size is 975 MB.
  • Its version varies with the version of your device.
  • An Internet connection is required to play this game.
  • To play on a PC requires the processor 4 CPU physical cores.
  • The developer of this game is tap4fun.

Tips and Tricks

  • Do not ignore the task and developing the city increases your power.
  • You can demonstrate your abilities and powers on the battlefield like a strong soldier.
  • By taking part in duels, your soldiers will believe more in you.
  •  The construction of strong buildings increases your power and strength on the map.

Age of Apes Cheats

  • tickets x10 – use hack rYr6kTAwF
  • legendary hero – enter pass gNcTKUdjI
  • unlock technology – w6gvndFVN
  • rocket skin – 8YRqF9PKs
  • CDs x5,0000 – oNCiiIPbK
  • powerups – ptDObDqyJ
  • Month Card x1 code – KhhR3SAlZ
  • upgrade cheat – mHNsqNwEM
  • daily gift bag x10 – 2kFWJ7UX8
  • secret combination – PSXvIND0c
  • level up – vad5AjEiN
  • speed up – qdYe3fHnj
  • Splendid offer – YTemkNrTV
  • medals x1,000 – 3jXHskh9I
  • resources x999,999 – XNBYVB28o
  • unlimited energy – tUgskjakd
  • special reward – A080aEahJ

What’s New

  • Lightning-Cheetah Mech is introduced who is a very capable fighter. He can easily be invisible in natural surroundings.
  • The updation in Weapons Technology research items is presented. It gives dominance to Tier 6 troops over Tier 5 and lesser troop types also.
  •  The “Chivalry Lives – Elmo” statue has the ability of double-jumping.
  • 100 new levels in Banana Fight, 50 different levels in Fortress Takeover, and new Tier 6 levels in Gear Expedition are introduced in the game.
  • There is a modification in research. LAB, Alliance, Rocket, and Tech have changed.
  • Now you can get a reward by inviting your friends to play Age of Apes Mod APK.
  • Apex Clash is a new feature.
  • Gustave the Arms Baron, the new fighter. This armaments baron is the quintessential anti-hero—shrewd and resourceful!

Pros and Cons


  • The game has powerful, detailed, and rich graphics to attract the players 
  • The missions are thrilling.
  • The bugs are resolved and it does not crash.
  • The layout of this game is simple to use.
  • Advertisements do not irritate players.


  • It requires an internet connection.
  • Some new players may find the game hard.

Right Choice

Most of the players like regular updates and events. They find the game interesting and enhances their abilities to establish a destroyed place again with all its necessities. The player’s decision to select the right soldiers, weapons, and resources to defeat the opposing clan takes him to victory.

Steps to Get Age of Apes Mod APK for Android Device

Here are a few simple steps to download Ape of Ape Mod APK on your Android Device.

  • Step 1: From the setting of your mobile phone, allow the unknown sources to install the app.
  • Step 2: From the download button you can get the APK file.
  • Step 3: To install the downloaded file, open it from your device and hit the install button.
  • Step 4: When the installation is complete, open the app and start your thrilling mission.
Age of Apes MOD APK
Google Play


The quests are important to collect basic materials like food, iron, costumes, or weapons. Daily quests and Achievements are the two types. 

  • Pilots: They have high speed.
  • Hitters: They get the training at Hitters’ Camp.
  • Shooters: These rangers get the training at the Shooters’ Camp.
  • Wall Breakers: They destroy the important buildings of the enemies and get training at Wall Breakers’ Camp.

A Brief Description

This thrilling game has distinct features that make it unique. The apes have great control over the destroyed world. You can be the leader of their clan to establish the world again. This science-theme-based game takes the players to explore the galaxies. The launching of rockets in search of bananas is a different and new idea. The building of outposts, customization, and training of monkey soldiers with impressive graphics make this game a masterpiece. 


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